20 Facts You Didn’t Know About Kangana Ranaut

kangana ranaut

Kangana Ranaut is one of the Hindi filmmaker actresses in the Bollywood. She was born on 23 March 1987 (age 33 years). Her height is about 1.66 m. she belongs to Bhambla. She has got many awards in the film industry such as Filmfare awards for the best actress and Padma Shri. These are some of the awards that she has got for being performing good acting in the industry. She completed her education from the Dav College Chandigarh. There are lots of movies in which Kangana performed as an actress such as Panga, Queen, Tanu weds Manu, Krish 3 and there are many other films in which she performs acting.

She was born in a small town but her dreams were big. Her parents wanted to make her a doctor. But she was thinking differently for her career. Later on, she shifted to Delhi at the age of sixteen. She becomes a model. After sometimes, she has taken the training of becoming an actor under the guidelines of director Arvind Gaur. Ranaut made her first film debut in the year 2006. The name of her first movie was Gangster. For these movies, she got the awards of best film debut. After these movies, she started getting many movies, and later on, she became a successful actress. Also Read: 20 Facts You Didn’t Know About Sushant Singh Rajput

20 Facts You Didn’t Know About Kangana Ranaut

Now I am going to mention 20 amazing facts about Kangana Ranaut that you didn’t know before. There are several amazing and interesting facts that will make you shocked when you will read this. It will be related to the actual life events of Kangana Ranaut.

#1 Won many awards 

Kangana Ranaut was growing very fastly in the film industry. She got many awards for performing in the film industry. She got awards such as film fare awards, best debut awards for the gangster, Padma Shri awards and many more. She git all these with her hard work and patience. Moreover, she has the highest number of awards after Shabana Azmi. Azmi has five national awards and Kangana Ranaut has three national awards.

#2 good basketball player

Only a few people know about the gaming talent of Kangana Ranaut. Kangana was a good basket ballplayer. Moreover, she has won many prizes while playing basketball.  She had played different school level competitions.

#3 Dream to live in a different country

Before the age of 30 Kangana’s dream was to live in a different country and to move in different places. But later on, she changes her mind. She decided to live in the same country and work here.

#4 she has watched only 10 movies

This is an amazing and shocking fact about Kangana Ranaut is that she has watched only 10 movies in her whole life. She usually prefers to read books instead of watching movies.

#5 Worked in 32 movies

She has worked in a total of 30 movies. It includes Bollywood, Tamil and Telugu. It includes Ek Niranjan from Telugu industry and Dhaam Dhoom from Tamil. She worked hard and give her best in every aspect and she started getting more fil contracts.

#6 Worked as a director

Kangana hasn’t worked as an actress only. She worked as a director also. She directs many movies. The first movie that s being directed by Kangana Ranaut was Manikarnika: the queen of Jhansi. At first, she started her director life by producing 10 minutes short film.

#7 Accused Hrithik Roushan of trying to cover up their affairs

In the year 2016, Kangana accused Hrithik Roshan of trying to cove up their affairs. After all these Hrithik filed a case against Kangana Ranaut. He imposed the case on the basis of cyberstalking.

#8  Refuse to promote fairness cream

A fairness cream company providing him with a big deal of 2 crores in order to promote the product. But Kangana Ranaut refuses to promote the product because she didn’t want to discriminate against people on the basis of caste or color. She said as a public figure it was the responsibility of her to refuse this promotion.

#9 Stood up against Nepotism

She started fighting against the nepotism. Her war against nepotism started in the year 2013. Till now she has been fighting against nepotism. She spoke about people such as Karan johar, that they support nepotism in the industry.

#10 Left her scriptwriting course

She had gone to New York in order to do the scriptwriting course but later on, she left it and come back to India for the promotion of the film “Queen”. She worked as a co-writer in the movie Queen that is released in the year 2014.

#11 Kangana talked with DU students for “Tanu weds manu”

During the preparation of the movie, Tanu weds manu. Kangana talked to the students of DU in order to disguise and trained in the triple jump.

#12 India’s hottest vegetarian

She is a pure vegetarian. Her name was listed in the Indias hottest vegetarian by PETA 2013. Being vegetarian as well as being hottest is the difficult work for anyone. But she maintains her in a proper manner.

#13 Affair with an English doctor

Between the year of 2010 to 2012, she has a long-distance relationship with an English doctor. But later on, they separated amicably. He said about this that they were not serious about it. So later on, the friendly moved on.

#14 Many flop and average movies

Between the 2011′ Tanu weds manu and 2013′ Krissh 3. she has moved on through several flop and average movies. But later on, she got success in the Krish 3 movie. Almost all the movies between the year 2011- 2012 were a flop.

#15 Best actress national awards winner

She is the only actress who won back to back national awards in the Indian history. She got national awards for Queen in 2015 and the other for Tanu weds Manu. In the year, 2016. She got these two awards back to back.

#16 Filed case against Aditya Pancholi

Kangana Ranaut filed a case against Aditya Pancholi. She said that Aditya Pancholi tried to make a physical attack on Kangana Ranaut. Later on, Pancholi said that they were in an affair. Later on, Judge also refuses to take their cases as they had affairs in real.

#17 Dropped out “I love you boss”

In the year 2004, she dropped movie of Pahlaj Nihalani “I love you boss” Because she got a role in the movie Gangster. She dropped it because she got to debut in the movie Gangster. She got debut in a big movie or a lead role so she refuses all the small roles or movie contracts.

#18 Didn’t speak with her family for years

Kangana was forcefully removed from her family. As no one was happy with her decision of becoming an actress. Her father wanted to make her a doctor. But later on, she decided to become an actress. Moreover, she hasn’t got any financial help from the family side.

#19 Her sister was attacked with acid 

Kangana has a small sister named, Rangoli. She has attacked with acid in the year 2005. She used to live with her sister and now she is fully recovered. Kangana supported her sister at a critical time.

#20 Real name of Kangana Ranaut

The actual name of Kangana Ranaut is “Kangana Amardeep Ranaut”. Moreover, she has also a nickname is Arshad. The name does matter for any of the big actresses. Their work makes their name famous.




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